So I heard hormone replacement therapy was dangerous!

This is probably the most important issue I deal with daily.

I typically spend about thirty minutes addressing this issue with each patient so I will give a brief summation here. Any hormonal intervention can have detrimental effects either from the wrong hormone, wrong dose, wrong administration and incorrect or inaccurate testing.

Post-menopausal hormone therapy for women was discouraged after a study in 2004, the Women’s’ Health Initiative concluded that there was an increased risk of breast cancer. Unfortunately, they mixed several types of hormones together resulting in a confusing and erroneous conclusion. Fortunately, many subsequent studies have shown that bio-identical hormones, properly applied, are safe and effective in alleviating many symptoms.

The benefits, however, do not stop here. Our bodies flourish when youthful levels of hormones are re-established. This includes cognitive function, blood sugar control, cardiovascular health, lipid profile, weight control, skin thickness, muscle tone and bone health.